Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well well so I want to be a FAMOUS Makeup Artist!

Boys and Girls so do I!  I too am wishing for my discovery, constantly taking jobs and test shoots just to build my book..  When is it going to happen?  Are you like me you want it now, uurrgh so frustrating.  The known makeup artist are always around I go to makeup shows and I see BillyB, Johnny Lavoy and Eve Pearl and my eyes light up because I see where I want to be..  Its not the fame its that glory feeling like wow I did it.  I did it, and I did it on my own...  
What do we do as unknown artist well I can only tell you what I do.  I BUILD!!!
Build your reputation, go to makeup shows, show your face...  Call people stay connected, when you meet another artist exchange info...   You want to be in contact with as many people as possible in the industry.  Its a small circle, and the percentage of artist that are known are small...  But become a name, I my self is Meagan Hester....  Introduce your self with your full name, make sure they know who you are...  Market wisely!
Still unsure about how to do things, just create your brand....   Like Pepsi or GUESS.....   You know who they are what they sell..  Well they started from no were and you are too.   So make things happen create a website, build a blog, create a myspace, facebook, anything that can get your name out and what you do...  Get business cards that show you, let me make a suggestion, no pictures guys......  Those business cards should look classy...  Got it.... (Above is a picture of my business card.)
First impressions are lasting impressions, so make sure they see you for you..  You are your business so would you neglect a business and let it go bankrupt or would you feed it with good spirits and tools to succeed..  YES,,, the answer to that is YES!!!   Create a strong environment for what you are trying to provide.  If its makeup let them see your work....   Stay encouraged, if you want I am on facebook and myspace become my friend and you can start your networking experience today..
Stay strong,,, see you at the top...

Meagan Hester
Makeup & Hair


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gavinthomasphoto said...

great post!! inspiring :)

keep up the good work my friend.