Thursday, October 30, 2008

Did you ever look back on the path you took and say, "wow how did I get here?"

Why do I chime in sometimes with this thought because wow, really I am so thankful for the opportunity's which have been giving to me.  I've learned allot from friends from old friends from old relationships.  I'm that person who learns after they loose something, unfortunate I know...  Like a kid that was told don't touch that and what do they do they touch it...  That's me, well fortunate enough for me I have finally seen the light people...  I know better maybe it was my journey of loosing great people in my life that I wish i had never did wrong or my journey of reckless behavior or maybe the mixture of both.  
For those of the people that I have did wrong, trust me I have learned my lesson and my faults.  Thats the whole thing with life experiences; learning from your mistakes and fixing those mistakes.  With out that journey I would have never became the woman I have become.  I see people who are so confused and going down the path I have once crashed down and its scary to watch and all I want to do is shake them and wake them up.  But you cant because the only person that wakes them up is them self.  When I was reckless, I was extremely reckless; selfish, and lost fantastic people because of my actions.  I didn't realize my talents and I just felt so blaghzey about things.  Work, well in those years I bar tended and drank more alchol then I sold.  I tended to find ways to really hurt the people I love.  My family looked at me like I was hopeless, I was a disaster.  I had a boyfriend that cared allot and I thought the relationship was disposable, everything was disposable.  
Until now, I woke up one day, and realized after my family didn't know what to do, and the relationship was through.  Pretty much I just had enough of my self.  That's when I realized maybe I should put what I love into a craft.  I always loved makeup and hair,  I remember being yelled at for always wearing eyeliner, so funny.  I wish I thought of it sooner, but this path I took with all the bumps and bruises I gained along  the way, brought me here.  I know I have talent and I have desires to succeed.  I know I am capable of more and I know I love making people feel great after I do there makeup and hair.  Now realizing my talents I want to go the farthest a person can go I guess I am determined.  So determined I even wrote determination on my wrist.  Corny, well when ever I look at my wrist it stands for allot.  It stands for all the things that have made me in the person who is starring in the mirror today.  Those issues that were once there and burned  bridges which will never be burned again.  So when you see me do makeup or hair it means more to me then what is presented.  It is the opening of a life that I never thought I was capable of having and I am actually doing it, living it and loving it.  So for the people that knew me a couple of years ago this is a different person a person that has survived, and if you really knew me you will understand what I really did survive.   Thank you for reading my thoughts.

See you on top,

Meagan Hester

"Excuse the grammar, awful I know." 

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