Monday, November 29, 2010

Working with Troy Paul

Photographer: Troy Paul
Makeup & Hair: Meagan Hester

These shots were taking in a studio in NYC.

Published with Caitlin

Sometimes testing reaps its benefit... TEAR SHEET.

Photographer: Caitlin Mitchell
Makeup & Hair: Meagan Hester
Stylist: Kara Gavin

This was just a basic fashion story that lead into being published. I did my stapled smokey eye with a pale matte lip. The overall look was extremely polished. It was a fun day in the office.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello Magazine Editorial Shoot

Above are some photos recently shot for Hello Magazine, Greece
Working with Photographer Roger Dong
Makeup & Hair done by Me

X Factor Jury

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

World Heritage Cultural Center Event of September 25, 2010

Please come join me at this amazing event. I will be Key Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for this event on September 25, 2010. Where you will see twenty different cultures's bring out there talents to celebrate the wonderful world we live in through dance, song and laughter.

I have organized a great team of artist 15 hair stylist and 15 makeup artist to prep all of the performers and host. Host include Carlos Gonzalez, Shetal Shah, Cindy Vero (from KTU), David Mathinson. Performers include Emily Angel, Dekeiss, Nadia Kay, Acero, Bollywood Funk and tons more.

Hope to see you there, tickets available at

Working with BMOSS

I recently did makeup and hair for BMOSS, they are revamping there site so Makeup and Hair for there product shoot was a necessity.

Check there site out at the links of my friends

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Collaborating with Raedawn and Mehron

Makeup by Raedawn Johnson
Hair by Meagan Hester

Recently did a collaboration with Makeup Artist Raedawn Johnson and Mehron Cosmetic to launch the product Celebre Pro. The line shows an extensive look at each of the skin tones.

"Love collaborating with different artist."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Strange Thing Happens"

"Strange Thing Happens"
A trilogy by Martin Toro and Alexander Khudokon
Makeup & Hair by Meagan Hester

When working on this short piece, Martin had mentioned that there were going to be around 25-30 extras, all needing full makeup and hair.  My intial thought was he must be crazy. Thankfully with the help of there great production team we were able to succeed this large task.

This short was filmed in Yonkers, New York (location found by Angelica Hester).  The building was a beautiful historic old mansion and would be the most ideal location for any film maker.  Especially when filming in black and white.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Music Choice

Just finished wrapping up an exciting day with Music Choice.  Where Amanda Diva gives all the dish about whats new, whats hot and whats so not ....  well need I say more.  Great crew as usual, to check out more of the recent show on music choice go to  "Go on Check it out!"  Remember the show is "Speaking Of", with Amanda Diva.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Where's Madam Elodie?

I was recently skimming through magazine's and came across Elodie Passelaigue a model I often work with and close friend. All of these shots are from shooting with Angel Sanchez for his look book. Love finding these cute little pictures, thanks to all of the Bridal Magazines here in New York.

"When Bobby Met Larry"

Director Philip Cocciolletti
Assistant Directed by Jessica Hester
Short Story Written by Carlos Gonzalez

Makeup Material Provided by MEHRON

I recently was apart of a short film "When Bobby met Larry", when deciding the concept of this film Carlos Gonzalez and I sat down and decided what these character's meant to him. It was my job to bring these Character's to life as a Makeup Artist.

Bobby: Bobby this nerdy man still not in to is own, he's looking for guidance from his grandfather on how to get a girl. Hes geeky, awkward and silly. With Bobby I kept things simple since Carlos had a strong connection with Bobby as an actor. Straight men's grooming is all we did.
Larry: A Gay sassy man ready to hit the town with his fashion. He's is so obsessed with his looks, he has a strong personality. Larry's makeup consisted of a prosthetic chin. They say men with large chins are cheaters and over confident. I wanted Larry to be attractive so a blond wig and clean skin was the way to go. Since Carlos had shaved we created beard stubble with black cream, so that Larry could be that sexy lover.
Guisseppi: He is the best grandpa; he is a loving italian old gentelman. He is eager to teach but still flirts with the ladies. His eyes get caught on Rosa. Guisseppi's makeup had to be convincing since Carlos again is a young guy. I had to use two prosthetic pieces on him to create Guisseppi's old face. I used a forehead piece and eye bags, then went in with shading. I also applied old age makeup on his neck and mouth area. Also added crepe hair around his head with mehrons crepe hair.
Rosa: Va va voom Rosa, she is one hot sexy older Latina women. She is the key player in linking these characters. The vivacious waitress glides through the scenes, she keeps them all at a constant flow and connected. With Rosa's Makeup I used two cheek prosthetics to create a female bone structure. Also contoured Carlos's face to bring out the feminine features that he was eager to act out. We used makeup pallets from mehron for lips, cheeks, and lashes. She also had a dark wig on and of course the grueling part of it was shaving Carlos's arm. What women do you know has hairy arms.....
Will: An uneducated looser, he is the cook that is a real "ass". He has a temper and his relationship with himself is similar to a bum on the street..... I knew I wanted Will to be a little darker in skin so with the help of Alexia Guissel we painted his arms and face all a darker tone with mehron's foundation. I then applied a nose prosthetic so he was a bit unattractive. Will had this sleazy essence about him.

These character's were all played by Carlos Gonzalez. There were lots of people that helped out with this transformation. We had body doubles and extras to insure that the restaurant was constantly jiving. Thank you again for all contributing your time and energy to "When Bobby met Larry."

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Angles of Design

For this particular shoot Angel Sanchez really wanted a fashion forward look.  I basically put a highlight on the tear duct of the eye and used a blue liner similar to her tights unconventionally below the lash line.  We also stuck with natural warm color on the crease of the eye.  It was simple but yet refined and strong.  We also flat ironed her hair to achieve a sleek contemporary look.  Her lips with a pale pout and lined with a nude pencil.

Designer Angel Sanchez
Makeup and Hair by Meagan Hester
Image below found at
Other image above from WWD

The Beauty of the Race

Always fun testing but when u get awesome shots its the icing on the cake.
Check this out

Photographer: Jimmy Bruch 

Makeup and Hair by Me

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cyndi Lapuer VH1

Encore Big 80s Weekend 2009 from Marni Giannotti on Vimeo.

Key Makeup & Hair Artist: Marni Giannotti
Makeup & Hair: Meagan Hester

Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer is here and skin is changing

Let's get that summer glow! First problem some people may have are large pores or even fine lines that we all see slowly creep in. What is my suggestion? I advise applying Clarins Instant Smooth (perfecting touch) before applying your favorite make-up. This indeed a very well kept secret. There are also many other great products such as Cle de Peau and DDF which tackles pores and fine lines. Find which one you LOVE and that also fits your budget.
Make sure when getting rid of that winter skin (that dull surface, that we call our face) exfoliate!! You'll see the difference exfoliating makes upon applying your make-up. Our skin is precious, so make sure you treat it that way!
Moisturizer,,,, yes, its no secret! Since summer is around the corner make sure there is an SPF built in. Achieving a great glow is all about being healthy so exercise, hydrate and eat foods that have omega fish oils or substitute with vitamins.
Now that we have touched the basics,,,
Don't over due it with foundation. Applying foundation in the summer should be light and just like the summer should be fresh and clean. A great product I love to use in the summer and highly recommend is by FACE atelier, PRO Ultra foundation. It feels light on the skin and gives you a healthy glow.
Also Bronzer.. Lets glow Ladies! Bronzer makes everything brighter. NARS has great bronzers in powder form and wonderful tint sticks. A great highlighter for that dewy look is COPA CABANA from NARS. Smash Box has wonderful bronzers as well. Just don't go crazy; there is such a thing as looking blotchy from bronzer. For an all over bronzed effect use Mehron Aura Bronzing gel. you can mix it in your moisturizer for that beautiful tanned look.
Finally, mingle in some lip gloss and mascara and you're set to go! Check in later for some great night make-up and hair tips to make that ever lasting impression on him.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Broken Reflections

Photography Caitlin Mitchell
Makeup & Hair Meagan Hester

A Playful World

Photography by Caitlin Mitchell
Makeup Meagan Hester
Hair Ketlie Hyacinthe

RAP UP Magazine

Tear from Rap Up Magazine
Artist Asher Roth
Makeup by Meagan Hester
Photographer Gavin Thomas

Its all Disney with Claudia Bellanca

Welcome to the world of Music Videos; aggh the long hours, early call times all for that perfect video. We started at 5am and went into the day until Sunset. Because, we where more focused about the location, getting Claudia prepared before sunrise was important. To utilize the full day it was essential to have her hair and makeup ready, so that we could have her in Central Park as the sun peaked. Ill keep you posted on the final product.

Promises Music Video
Artist Claudia Bellanca
Director Jordan Horrowitz
Makeup & Hair Meagan Hester

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ouch you again

How to achieve a bruise like this one... First you can start by getting the right colors; your going to need maroon, yellow, black and greens. It would be great to get a image that is from an actual bruise! Great products to use is Mehron bruise Color Pro wring or MUD has a bruising kit. You want to get a brush that is frayed on the ends; the more tapered on the end the better. You want to create broken capillaries. Start by stippling the maroon color and add other colors as desired!

Boxing around with Makeup

Recently shot with photographer Caitlin Mitchell on a more active level. Boxing around with some men's grooming and Sweat FX. "What"s that you say?"; to achieve the glossy look on the body you can use SPFX makeup or body oil. I personally love the transparent jelly from Sweat Fx that can be bought at Alcone. Also Mehron has a wonderful alternative which is thinner.
I applied this jelly constantly trough out the shoot. Be sparingly with it so you don't break the makeup on the face. Heavy substances that have Glycerin as an ingredient or high oil base tends to break down foundation.

Men need makeup too- huh???

Monday, February 8, 2010

MTV Haiti Fundraiser

What a wonderful event, for such a great cause. Had the chance to work with some of the best musicians. It was a whimsical day! I was surrounded by talented makeup artist where we all donated our time to do makeup and hair for the event that was live on networks like MTV, NBC, and ABC.
It was amazing to be apart of such an historical event. I felt blessed to be there and also privilege to be around President Bill Clinton, Sting, Shakira, Madonna, The Roots, Jennifer Hudson, and even all of the staff members of MTV.
The Haiti Fundraiser proved to be a success and showed the generosity, compassion and heart of an entire nation and also globally. I feel honored to have been apart of this accomplishment.

Lapko Music Video

Directed by:
Sam Winters and Bryan Parker

SPFX Makeup & hair by :
Meagan Hester

This was a fun gig, I did hair aplication so that the beard looked as though it was growing in as he shaved. Also minor cuts and flesh disease.. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sara Bee Album Cover

Artist Sara Bee
Photographer Jimmy Bruch
Makeup & Hair Meagan Hester

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Promo Shoot for Cindy Blackman

Photographer Jimmy Bruch
Makeup & Hair by Meagan Hester

Above clip is Cindy doing her thing, one talented lady!

Mon Petit Secret

Mon Petit Secret
Photography by Caitlin Mitchell
Presented in a lounge in NYC'

Makeup & Hair by Meagan Hester

Please check out the real Mon Petit Secret at

Sherlock Holmes on

To look at actual footage go to

Check it out on

"How to be a bad ass"
Director Randy Scott Slavin
DP Andrew White

Makeup & Hair Meagan Hester

MTV Woodie Awards 2009

Above: Meagan Hester applying head piece 

Check it out at

The MTV Woodie Awards 2009

Makeup & Hair:
Key Artist Marni Giannotti
Contributing Artist included Meagan Hester

Images from MTV.Com