Monday, October 27, 2008

The Gay Blades

"The Gay Blades", if you haven't checked them out I suggest that you do.   I never heard of them until I was called by Chell Stephan who was the director of this music video.  As the music video progressed I found the sound to there music fun and soothing.  As for the two guys that are the  show they were filled with great energy and laughs.  James and Quinn were fantastic they bought a great performance, and completely made me a fan.  The song "O shot", had catchy lyrics and great beats.  Keep your eyes put for "The Gay Blades".  If you check out there myspace page they have a schedule of there tour.  After we wrapped up yesterday they hit the road with there bags and van were there tour began in Pennsylvania.  I think this group is going to be around for a bit.  Keep your eyes open for there music video "O Shot".  
Working on music videos are great experiences you meet lots of great people and form contacts.  Alot of makeup artist tend to hate music videos due to there long hours and early call times but I think there fantastic.  Black20 productions was a delight to work for including producer Sam Winters and Chell was a pleasant director.  

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quinn! said... we're not going to murder you!!!