Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Journey and Keys to Sucess as a Makeup Artist

Become a success....   Realize and know you are a success it will come to you.  If you have problems visioning it buy the book , "The Secret".   It is a key to train your mind to think what you would like to receive.  I started to believe that I wanted to change my life.  I wanted to become someone who made a mark in history, no I'm not there yet but I am setting goals each day of were I want to be.  
Four years ago I was waisting away in a bar,,, "literally".  I was a bartender in a small town and I didn't do anything else but that.  I started to do drugs and drink and I wasn't realizing that I had bigger dreams and passions.  I knew I wanted to change....  From that point on I stopped drinking , stopped doing drugs, changed my friends, my job, changed everything.  
I knew I was always into hair, makeup and fashion so I started to take classes.  I got my license in NY state for Hair, and then continued to want more.   I started working in a salon that was one of the best salons in Westchester NY, Richard Scott Salon.  That was the best training out of anything I was thrown in to working with clients and great coworkers and bosses.  
But I still wanted more, I then left the salon and moved to LA, California.  Were I enrolled in the Makeup Designory in Burbank.  I took intensive classes on SPFX Character makeup and basic beauty.   I learned my skills with my brushes and my airbrush machine.  I even got into a worldwide competition for prosthetics right after school.  I was determined.
I came back to NY and now I have worked on film sets with great directors like Tracey Moore- Marable...  I've had the privilege to meet VNiels and also work on a runway show with BillyB.  In such a short amount of time......
The key is to think you are successful, know you are capable and own your skills as an artist.  I cant wait to see the rest of my journey, but I definitely know I couldn't of done it without support from family and friends.  Keep your life positive and keep your self strong and productive.  

Be THANKFUL everyday....

See you on top...

Meagan Hester 

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