Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Educate your craft as a Makeup Artist

Educate your craft.  Becoming a top Artist is all about keeping up with the trends.  If not for your self educating your craft is the fuel for your career.  Constantly giving your self an edge on the makeup artist who is next to you.  You need to know, you never know everything about your career.  There are constantly new techniques, skills to improve and a better awareness of color theory.  
Why set your self up for disaster and be an average artist, when you can know you are a better and stronger artist.  
Good places in NY to find education is MUD (Make-up Designory), Rouge Makeup Studio and even The Powder Group has workshops which are available.   Search the web for some training, you never know to much...

See you on top.

Meagan Hester

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