Sunday, September 14, 2008

The fight of a Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist..

How many of you have struggled and wanted something so badly.  Well keep reading because I am going to take you through the journey of a struggling artist.  So many of us want to be the next BillyB or the next VNiels where ever you are don't quit.  
I'm going to tell you this journey is hard and sometimes it may seem like you are there.  One day your doing a runway show with BillyB and the next day your just wondering how your going to find your next gig.  
Your morale goes from being the best to am I ever going to make it were I see my self.  If you have ever felt this way don't let the fight drag you down.  Know where your goals are surround your self around caring and supportive people.
Ill keep you posted and trust me you will see me on top and I hope to see you there too.

Great Love,
Meagan Hester
Makeup & Hair
New York  

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Anonymous said...

Hey Meagan!
Gald to see your making the best of your abilities that the good lord has provided you with. You have some very intresting work. Just keep pursuing your dream and ambitions and within time you will find your rewards very gratifying. I am also like you. I am a Writer/ Artist who is currently freelancing as well. I just finished compiling a book of poems due to be published shortly. In the meanwhile I have just recently taken up my other desire which is painting/drawing so I am trying to get myself out there such as yourself. Anyways just wanted to wish you the best of luck and if you need someone with writing expertise you know where to reach me. You gave me an idea to start my own blogger, so thank you. Best of luck. Remember always dream and aspire to be what you want because if you don't then your life isn't real. Take care.