Friday, September 19, 2008

Building a strong Portfolio

Do as many test shoot as possible to build a strong portfolio.  Try to shoot with different photographers and different models.  Always show the range of your skill.  If your deal is to get into print and runway its a necessity to have a strong book.  
Sometimes you will start to build a relationship with the photographer that she/he will always call you for a shoot just on the basis of your skill and personality.  
As a freelance artist unfortunately we don't have people booking us gigs, unless you become apart of an agency.  Our books are our main tools.  I purchased my book at The House Of Portfolio right in Manhattan.  They have Variety of colors, textures to choose form..  Based on your personality choose one that will sell you.  Books there get pricey and a decent book can run about $400.00 to $500.00 so make sure its a book you will never get bored with.  
Building a strong portfolio will take time, train your eye become your own critique.  Take a step back from it, and make sure that you are placing high quality pictures, and make sure they are airbrushed.  If you are clueless on your portfolio there is a portfolio class at The Makeup Designory in NY and LA.  Also Crystal Wright is an author on a book about marketing your self and gives great advice on your actual portfolio book...

Good look, Ill see you on top.

Meagan Hester

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