Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer is here and skin is changing

Let's get that summer glow! First problem some people may have are large pores or even fine lines that we all see slowly creep in. What is my suggestion? I advise applying Clarins Instant Smooth (perfecting touch) before applying your favorite make-up. This indeed a very well kept secret. There are also many other great products such as Cle de Peau and DDF which tackles pores and fine lines. Find which one you LOVE and that also fits your budget.
Make sure when getting rid of that winter skin (that dull surface, that we call our face) exfoliate!! You'll see the difference exfoliating makes upon applying your make-up. Our skin is precious, so make sure you treat it that way!
Moisturizer,,,, yes, its no secret! Since summer is around the corner make sure there is an SPF built in. Achieving a great glow is all about being healthy so exercise, hydrate and eat foods that have omega fish oils or substitute with vitamins.
Now that we have touched the basics,,,
Don't over due it with foundation. Applying foundation in the summer should be light and just like the summer should be fresh and clean. A great product I love to use in the summer and highly recommend is by FACE atelier, PRO Ultra foundation. It feels light on the skin and gives you a healthy glow.
Also Bronzer.. Lets glow Ladies! Bronzer makes everything brighter. NARS has great bronzers in powder form and wonderful tint sticks. A great highlighter for that dewy look is COPA CABANA from NARS. Smash Box has wonderful bronzers as well. Just don't go crazy; there is such a thing as looking blotchy from bronzer. For an all over bronzed effect use Mehron Aura Bronzing gel. you can mix it in your moisturizer for that beautiful tanned look.
Finally, mingle in some lip gloss and mascara and you're set to go! Check in later for some great night make-up and hair tips to make that ever lasting impression on him.

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