Friday, August 6, 2010

"When Bobby Met Larry"

Director Philip Cocciolletti
Assistant Directed by Jessica Hester
Short Story Written by Carlos Gonzalez

Makeup Material Provided by MEHRON

I recently was apart of a short film "When Bobby met Larry", when deciding the concept of this film Carlos Gonzalez and I sat down and decided what these character's meant to him. It was my job to bring these Character's to life as a Makeup Artist.

Bobby: Bobby this nerdy man still not in to is own, he's looking for guidance from his grandfather on how to get a girl. Hes geeky, awkward and silly. With Bobby I kept things simple since Carlos had a strong connection with Bobby as an actor. Straight men's grooming is all we did.
Larry: A Gay sassy man ready to hit the town with his fashion. He's is so obsessed with his looks, he has a strong personality. Larry's makeup consisted of a prosthetic chin. They say men with large chins are cheaters and over confident. I wanted Larry to be attractive so a blond wig and clean skin was the way to go. Since Carlos had shaved we created beard stubble with black cream, so that Larry could be that sexy lover.
Guisseppi: He is the best grandpa; he is a loving italian old gentelman. He is eager to teach but still flirts with the ladies. His eyes get caught on Rosa. Guisseppi's makeup had to be convincing since Carlos again is a young guy. I had to use two prosthetic pieces on him to create Guisseppi's old face. I used a forehead piece and eye bags, then went in with shading. I also applied old age makeup on his neck and mouth area. Also added crepe hair around his head with mehrons crepe hair.
Rosa: Va va voom Rosa, she is one hot sexy older Latina women. She is the key player in linking these characters. The vivacious waitress glides through the scenes, she keeps them all at a constant flow and connected. With Rosa's Makeup I used two cheek prosthetics to create a female bone structure. Also contoured Carlos's face to bring out the feminine features that he was eager to act out. We used makeup pallets from mehron for lips, cheeks, and lashes. She also had a dark wig on and of course the grueling part of it was shaving Carlos's arm. What women do you know has hairy arms.....
Will: An uneducated looser, he is the cook that is a real "ass". He has a temper and his relationship with himself is similar to a bum on the street..... I knew I wanted Will to be a little darker in skin so with the help of Alexia Guissel we painted his arms and face all a darker tone with mehron's foundation. I then applied a nose prosthetic so he was a bit unattractive. Will had this sleazy essence about him.

These character's were all played by Carlos Gonzalez. There were lots of people that helped out with this transformation. We had body doubles and extras to insure that the restaurant was constantly jiving. Thank you again for all contributing your time and energy to "When Bobby met Larry."

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