Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Music Choice on Demand

(In Photo: Meagan Hester, Katy Perry, Lisa Diebner)

I recently signed on to a new feature which will be aired on Music Choice on Demand.  Basically, there will be a host which will interview artist; some which are already booked include Flo Rida, Katy Perry (which is today), Rick Ross, and Ciara.  They're will be more artist booked for the future this is what I know of for the first segments.  
I will be doing makeup and hair for the show, the host is Desi Sanchez check out her link on the top left. Below is a photo of her, she is gorgeous!  
"So Check out the on Demand Channels on Cable, and order the feature on the display.  Check out those INTERVIEWS!"

Host Desi Sanchez

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Desi said...

Hey Meagan! Thx for the kind words :-) It was great meeting you and I'm so glad you're working on the project - you are super-talented! hugs